Clue Unit #15: Interview with Deb Schultz on Transparency – May 24, 2007

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Episode 15, about 30 minutes.

Today’s Topic: Interview with Deb Schultz on

About Deb:
Deb Schultz is a
consultant and speaker who describes herself as an evangelist and rabble-rouser
in the relationship economy.  She is the former Marketing Director of Six
Apart, makers of blogging platforms
Movable Type,
Vox and
Live Journal.

With Jake McKee, Lee LeFever and Christopher Carfi.

Related notes and links:

Transparency = Authenticity
Apart offers refund due to poor Typepad performance

jokes about incoming CEO

Apple and Google and Transparency
Schwartz’s Blog

Transparency may not be for everyone
The value of baby steps
How to start with transparency: ask questions, start a blog
Craig Newmark,
Craigslist and valuing
Use the word "I" as in "I believe" vs "the company believes"
Huge connection between transparency and community
In today’s world, you cannot lie
Across America blog

Ask – Why am I creating this company/product and what do I owe my customers?

Bonus link:
Tyranny from

Thanks for the great interview Deb!

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